Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a shipping policy?

Yes we do! Please refer to clause 3 of our Terms of Service

Do you have a return policy?

Yes we do! Please refer to clause 4 of our Terms of Service.

Do you do corporate gifting or wedding favours?

Our sauces and pickles make the best wedding favours – that your guests will actually love and use! We also do custom corporate gifting so chat to us about the best options for your business and budget.  Contact us here for options and pricing. 

What's the product shelf life?

We include a shelf life on our sauces and pickles but they will last much longer in the fridge. The pickles could last in the fridge for up to a year – you will know when its no longer good to eat. As soon as you get home, pop your jars in the fridge – don’t wait to open before doing so. Our spice mixes are good for a year or longer – just make sure to reseal the pouch properly after use.

What's the product heat levels?

None of our products are too hot but they all have a bit of a kick. For those who live on the milder side of life, the Carrot Pickle and Chilli Mayo are perfect. Our spice mixes also don’t pack too much heat – the mildest being the Butter Chicken with all the yoghurt and cream - but you can always add less or more depending on your heat preferences.

Do your products contain sugar?

Yes – a lot. Life is too short!

Do your products contain preservatives?

Traditionally, pickles are preserved by the sugar, vinegar and oil content but this only works well when the jars are stored in the fridge. As much as it breaks our hearts, in order to make our products more accessible for you, in more retail outlets countrywide, we have had to include sodium benzoate as a preservative. This is, however, something that we are working on and we hope to find a natural alternative soon.